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    NddCamp Paris, 26/06

    Hello, the fourth edition of the NddCamp, the leading French domain name event, will take place the 21th of June, 2018, in Paris. Why would you want to come? - the event is the same day as the Music Fest, which is a great event all over France, and really impressive in Paris. - NddCamp is unique: top level, 100 % free of charge, excellent atmosphere - the co-organizer (me) likes Poles and Poland - we have started to offer conferences in English last year and hope to see more foreigners this year. You are welcome to register here: See you there!

    NddCamp Paris, 26/06

    Hi, The NddCamp, a French domain name event, comes back for its 3rd edition on the 26th of June, in Paris. We hope to receive a more international audience this year. I'll be personnally glad to welcome Polish participants, as I've worked several years in Central and Eastern Europe. Poland has for sure been the most impressive country of the region, at least out of the big ones. It's not compulsory to speak French, as a workshop will be offered in English in the afternoon and because it's mostly a networking event. The event is rather different from the international domainers meetings (at least from those I've attended) - conferences and workshops animated by experts and not by sponsors that wish to promote their products - no auction (there's no more domainer buying French domain names, we only sell when an enduser needs a domain name) - free entrance (including food) - very unformal with an excellent atmosphere, everybody should leave the event happy, with new contacts and new ideas You'll find more info here: If you have any question, I'll be glad to answer here, or in PM.
  3. & 70+ Polish domains

    new prices microsite 60 microsite 90 microsite 90 microsite 190 site 290 redir. 90 site 290 domain 90 site 120 site 190 site 390 microsite 190 microsite 90 redir. 290 microsite 290 microsite 30 microsite 390 site 90 domain 20 domain 20
  4. & 70+ Polish domains

    thanks Alex for the advice. I've let drop all that did not make much sense. You're right, choosing domain names need a strong command of the language and, if possible, the concerned sector of activity. Those Polish domains were registered several years ago and I've not registered/bought Polish domains for a long time, except in the Energy sector, where I intend to develop websites.
  5. & 70+ Polish domains

    all the domains at 100 € >> 50 € thanks
  6. Hi, sorry about my poor command of Polish, I'll then have to write in English. please find Polish domains on sale. Some are developped websites. For those without price, please make an offer (no €€ offers please). I may also interested in swapping my names with Energy/ecology related domain names. Payment: paypal, wire transfer, Moneybookers... Invoice provided. thanks david €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100

    200 .com Polish domains

    Dzien dobry, sorry if I don't speak Polish please find a list of Polish domains on sale (prices in euros). Free push with godaddy, payment by paypal, neteller or epassporte, invoice provided if necessary. Minimum purchase: 50 euros. Cheers, David adult make offer make offer .pl is a major Polish website Finance make offer mini website make offer mini website make offer mini website make offer mini website make offer 50 make offer make offer .pl is a major Polish website Broadcast make offer make offer Ecommerce 50 50 30 20 15 make offer make offer make offer make offer make offer Countries & nationalities 100 80 70 60 60 60 50 50 50 50 50 50 Education make offer .info is a major Polish website make offer Employment make offer 100 50 Health 50 50 20 10 Internet make offer - mini-website 50 50 50 Leisure/Culture make offer 50 50 30 make offer make offer Huge type-in traffic make offer .pl is a major Polish website make offer .pl is a major Polish website make offer make offer mini-website 50 .pl is a major Polish website Personnal names 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 20 make offer make offer Politics 50 Real Estate make offer 50 Dating make offer 50 30 30 30 30 .pl is a major website 20 10 make offer make offer make offer make offer 50 Religion 100 100 30 Energy 100 .pl is a Polish website 100 20 make offer make offer make offer make offer make offer make offer make offer make offer make offer society 100 Finance make offer make offer make offer 100 make offer Tourism make offer Miscelleanous 100 miniwebsite 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 30 20 20 20 20 20 make offer Note: the domains with "make offer" are those I don't intend to sell at a cheap price.

    150+ Polish .com domains

    Hi, Sorry if I don't speak Polish. Here are some .com domains in Polish. payment by paypal, free push with Godaddy, invoice sent if necessary 1. Traffic domains I'm accepting any offer. I would prefer to sell several domains at once, even at €10 each for some of the domains. Those domains receive some type-in (go to the website and click on "more info" for detailed stats), but the main source of value should be because the owner of the large .pl website may also want to have the .com domain. Any buyer can have for free the alexa top 100k list that I used to register those domains. It's a little old now (mid-2007), but it can be useful in order to register domains with traffic, especially large .pl websites that have disappeared recently (but some traffic remain). Domain on sale - Alexa Rank of Polish website - URL of the Polish website 9 15 22 32 35 63 68 69 76 82 83 85 87 92 94 112 194 247 278 308 340 2200 subdomain subdomain subdomain, 2. Cheap Generic domains (starting at €10 each) I intend to renew all that I won't be able to sell. However, I'm not a Polish speaker and if any of those name does not bear any value, please inform me so I'll let it expire. Dzieki :-) 3. Premium Generic domains (starting at €100 each) If some of the names below seem overrated to you, I'll appreciate your comments, as I'm not a Polish speaker. Dzieki david

    polska domena : €20

    Dzien dobry, sorry, my Polish is very weak, so that will be in English: I sell some domains: - €20 each or €15 if you take more than 3 - payment by paypal, free push with godaddy Dziękuję. david ------------ ------------------- Trafic domains Typically .com domains of hi-traffic .pl websites (no stats available)
  10. Hi, I am selling 500 .com quality domain names at €20 ($28 each), so that I can concentrate more on premiums. Most of them are one-word .com domains, with decent overture results, google results and type-in traffic. Many of them can be resold at up to mid-€xxx in marketplaces such as Sedo or Afternic. The list of domains in Polish is available here : The whole list is here: None are freshly-registered domains, which should help web editors avoid the Google sandbox. The new owner will get a permanent backlink from our selling pages (the current links will remain). The domain names are registered with godaddy, with several months before the end of registration. Those expiring within two months will be renewed from free before the free push. To purchase any domain, please post sold in this thread, with the domain you wish. Cheers, David

    50 domeny:, <400 PLN

    Hi, I'm not sure to understand well the messages, because my Polish is very basic. If you talk about how to pay, usually I use paypal. I'm a regular member of & and this is the norm for all small transactions. But I'm ok with any other means of payment, which can be Wire transfer, epassporte, neteller... And if you want to avoid any risk because I'm a new member, I can push the domain(s) before you send the money, provided that you are an active member or moderator of the forum cheers david

    50 domeny:, <400 PLN sold thank you

    New resource about Polish domain names

    Sure, but I need some help:-) Daniel and a few other Polish domainers have accepted to answer an interview, so that I'll be soon able to add good specific content. Also, if you know any valuable resource specific to the Polish that could be mentionned, I'll add it immediately. We've got here most of the 200 or so best resources for domainers: , we may add them also. cheers david edit: I find a good resource with your signature, Michal. Added, thanks!

    New resource about Polish domain names

    Hi Daniel, and thanks for the welcome:-). You're right that the name of the website is not very evocative. But I guess that if the content becomes interesting enough (we're working on it), it will get some traffic whatever its name. The problem is bigger for the mother-site, from where most of the traffic will come from. The name does not fit at all with the content. I should have changed it before... Regarding the Spanish market, there are about 20 good resources here: The Spanish market has really boomed the last two or three years. It will surely continue to climb, but now the prices have become very high to purchase premium domains (which is the most interesting in the market, according to me). I think that it's better to invest in other European languages such as French domain names now (I live in Spain, but I'm French), because we are close to a boom like Spain & Germany has experienced before. Next will be Poland, hopefully :-) cheers david

    50 domeny:, <400 PLN

    Hi, I've got a list of 50 Polish domains : I've just put the price, and I'm not so familiar with the Polish domain names market, so there are probably one or two that will be anormally low. Take them ! On the contrary, if some seem too expensive, please make lower offers. free push with godaddy cheers Note: translations into English and google results for each domain are available here ps. if you can not / do not want to follow the link, the domains are here: domain - price in Euros 20 20 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 60 60 60 70 80 80 80 80 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 100 100