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  1. Exas.club for saleAuctioned On : https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=265766375Registrar - GoDaddy
  2. Cray.shop for saleAuctioned On : https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=266004883 Registrar - GoDaddy Godaddy Estimated Value $540 "Cray" is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $2,295.00. "Cray.us" (same name, different extension) sold before. "Cray" is 5 less.
  3. DoPick.com is for sale listed on https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=283729527 Memorable: dopick.com is easy to remember. Great extension: Uses the .com extension. Short: dopick is 6 characters.
  4. Macle.net is a single dictionary word domain name, and is for sale listed on https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=286819469 Estimated Value by www.freevaluator.com is $ 11,314.63 Short: macle is 5 characters. Extensions taken: The .com and 19 other extensions of macle are in use.