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.TEL normalnie(j) od przyszłego roku ?

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Jako że z oślego uporu mam kilka kilka domen .tel, ostatnio trafił do mnie sympatyczny e-mail od Telnic.

Nie będę może go tu w całości kopiował, ale kluczowa dla osłów takich jak ja kwestia została ujęta krótko:



Lifting of usage restrictions

As a direct result of your feedback, Telnic has successfully negotiated the lifting of usage restrictions from your .tel domain. This means that you will now be able to use your .tel to design and host your own website and other digital services of your choosing. This freedom of choice has been a recurring request from community members and we are delighted to now offer you this option.



i nieco dalej w sekcji FAQ:



1. When will the restrictions be lifted from .tel and what will be my options then be for using my domain?

All restrictions will be lifted from .tel on 13th March 2017. From this date, and subject to your registrar or reseller support, you will be able to use your .tel domain as a normal website, continue to take advantage of our free, new Telhosting platform or opt for a paid for Telhosting service which incorporates sub domains with a 3rd party hosting provider.




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