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Spis domen ccTLD - jak?

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Zastanawiam się, w jaki sposób robione są takie ogromne spisy / katalogi jak ten:



W dodatku na bieżąco uaktualniane. Czy ktoś ma jakieś sensowne pomysły? :)


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How accurate are your ccTLD lists?

As we said before, next to nothing of ccTLD zone registries offer access to full zone file with an entire list of registered domains. We use some mix of reverse engineering algorithms, Internet crawling, and third-party sources such as Commoncrawl.org to fetch all possible ccTLD domains. Nevertheless, there is no way to get 100% of registered domains. Regarding the lists actuality, we check all domains for NS records, and if there are no NS servers on file, we mark those domains as a dead and then delete them from our database. We do our best to ensure that ccTLD domains represented in our DB are fresh and accurate, but for sure it’s impossible to make it 100% accurate.


Sposobów na zbieranie takich informacji jest bardzo dużo: pasive DNS, resolvery DNS, poza tym niektóre rejestry ccTLD publikują swoje strefy, co bedzie pewnie coraz bardziej powszechnym krokiem.

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