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NddCamp Paris, 26/06

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The NddCamp, a French domain name event, comes back for its 3rd edition on the 26th of June, in Paris.
We hope to receive a more international audience this year. I'll be personnally glad to welcome Polish participants, as I've worked several years in Central and Eastern Europe. Poland has for sure been the most impressive country of the region, at least out of the big ones.

It's not compulsory to speak French, as a workshop will be offered in English in the afternoon and because it's mostly a networking event.

The event is rather different from the international domainers meetings (at least from those I've attended)

- conferences and workshops animated by experts and not by sponsors that wish to promote their products
- no auction (there's no more domainer buying French domain names, we only sell when an enduser needs a domain name)
- free entrance (including food)
- very unformal with an excellent atmosphere, everybody should leave the event happy, with new contacts and new ideas

You'll find more info here: http://www.nddcamp.com

If you have any question, I'll be glad to answer here, or in PM.

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the fourth edition of the NddCamp, the leading French domain name event, will take place the 21th of June, 2018, in Paris.

Why would you want to come?

- the event is the same day as the Music Fest, which is a great event all over France, and really impressive in Paris.

- NddCamp is unique: top level, 100 % free of charge, excellent atmosphere

- the co-organizer (me) likes Poles and Poland  

- we have started to offer conferences in English last year and hope to see more foreigners this year.

You are welcome to register here: http://www.nddcamp.com

See you there!


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Nddcamp Paris comes back for its 5th edition on the 13th of June.
I'll be happy to tell you more about it, but I'm unsure there's a great interest about it :-)

I guess Paris is far and the French market does not interest that much Polish Domainers. Also maybe that Polish domainers are not numerous, as in most European countries. I guess that we are not more than a dozen French-speaking domainers really involved in the sector.
more info about the event at nddcamp.com

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