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1-char - worlds shortest domains, cheap/TANIO

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For sale: worlds shortest format internet domains - only 1 character short:


One character short domains have proven to be a good asset and they also have great tech potential. Twitter, Facebook, Deutsche Telekom, Telegram, etc all use such domains for shortening.
Now here You can get your own at SALE OUT prices!

Sale and details at   http://4.cr  (isnt this crazy short? imagine the cool e-mails you can make)  or   http://1sld.com/?r=dp1chars1

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Prices once more reduced - only this weekend jet! 7.pn below 1000 USD now!

Get one of this rare outstanding domains - the shortest in the world - before they are taken.
Imagine all the tech stuff possible like shortening or crazy short e-mails that will do the trick on your card.

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