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    Hello to our polish domaining friends. What do you think about nazwy.com? Acquired this domain as it sounded nice and useful. Do you think, it is something, that could be valuable, or does the .com destroy all the value for you? Thank you! Martin
  2. Another inquiry today. Is there any reason, why there is quiet an interest atm? Or are these just forum users inquiries? I'd sell it right away, as I can't really market this one properly, and I can do much more with the cash. Feel free to message me here (or email me using whois email), if interested.
  3. thank you. I think I am going to quote low $1,xxx, hoping for mid-hi $xxx. btw, you mean "VERY reasonable" for me as a seller, or for the buyer?
  4. Thanks a lot for your quick reply, morderrca. so, does $500 to $1k sound reasonable?
  5. Hi guys! I received second inquiry on Pozyczki.net in last few months. Is this a valid polish word for loans? What value would you assign to this domain name? Thanks a lot! Martin