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Top real 2-letter short WWW domains like - low renewals!

07 April 2017 - 17:55

For sale - top real 2-letter domains with low renewals compared to most 2-letters - so perfect for investment and domaining. The .ci ccTLD is for Ivory Coast. The domains have fast modern time management and whois service is available.     -     4k resolution HD cinema     -     8k resolution cinema technology - the future HD     -     AMerican CInema/CIty     -     Australia     -     HD cinema     -     High Quality      -     PR related     -     Spółka Akcyjna, etc.     -     Silicon Valleys       -     Finnland, Fiction Cinema, allows cool hack Sci.Fi.Ci (SF-cinema)

CI can ralate to:   "City",  "Cinema",  "Corporate Identity",  "Cina" (China in some languages like italian), "We"/"This" in some languages. There are also lots of meanings for "CI".

All expire 04.2018
Renewal  only about 14 USD/year/doamin (13,01 Euro, needs an reseller account)
Sale and details: http://1-single-lett...rl=my_ci#2chars

Top 2-letter like , with low renewals

28 March 2017 - 13:04

Top combinations real 2-letter short domains with TOP LOW RENEWAL prices around 15 USD - a perfect long time investment also for resellers. For sale now:
  AD.CI   (Ads)
  CA.CI   (Canada, California)
  EU.CI     (European City)
  LA.CI     (LA California)
  MX.CI    (Mexico CIty!)
  NY.CI     (New York City)
  QR.CI    (QR 2D technology)
  UK.CI   United Kingdom
  US.CI   United States , URL Shortener

Reseller account renewal price with 13,01 Euro/domain/year
Expiry: 03.2018

Other top 2-char domains for sale:

  CN.NF   - China related (renewal about 160 USD)
  EU.FO  - European Union
  UK.FO  - United Kingdom (.FO - Faroe, Europe aka FOrum, FOrward, ... renewals around 53 USD)

Sale and details: http://1-single-lett...ci_cheap#2chars

Here some 2-letter sale examples according to  -  1.200.000 USD  -  GoDaddy  -  929.000 USD  -  NameJet  -  39.424 USD  -  -  20.000 USD  -  12.000 USD  -  Sedo  -  11.300 USD  -  Sedo

Real 2-letter short: EU.FO, UK.FO, ... Cheap/Tanio!

04 February 2017 - 20:35

For sale at strongly reduced price because would like to sale before renewal date. Real 2-letter short domains:   - European Union   - United Kingdom   - Sweden, Software Engineering   - Sweden related, Software Engineering

.FO - Faroe, Europe. Possible meanings: FOrum, FOrward, ... Renewals around 53 USD
.SV - El Salvador. Possible meanings: Server, Service, ... Renewals around 85 USD

Sale and details: http://1-single-lett...sv_cheap#2chars

Btw. here some 2-letter sale examples according to  -  1.200.000 USD  -  GoDaddy  -  929.000 USD  -  NameJet  -  39.424 USD  -  -  20.000 USD  -  12.000 USD  -  Sedo  -  11.300 USD  -  Sedo

K.GL - world shortest domain, cheap

30 January 2017 - 18:25

For sale:


A domain in the shortest format for ccTLDs - real 1-letter short.
WANT TO SELL THIS MONTH - set cheap for few days.
A top real 1-letter short ccTLD domain. Renewals as cheap as 40$ with VAT for resellers. Expiry 15.11.2017
I think I do not need to list the advantages of 1-letters. But one example: C.GL sold at 85000$ according to

Sale and details:

Top asset at good price - check the sales at Sedo, Flippa and to see.

Worlds shortest domains list (8.GL , L.GL ...)

10 January 2017 - 19:43

For sale - extraordinary rare domains in shortest format! Real 1-letter and 1-number domains:

  8.GL - TOP, aka "Money Good Luck"


Expiry for all domains later than September 2017.

.GL: Greenland, Kingdom of Denmark, renewal/year/domain from around 40 USD with VAT.
     possible meanings: GLobal, Good Luck, Graph.Lib.
.FO: Faroe, Kingdom of Denmark, Europe, renewal/year/domain form around 53 USD.
     possible meanings: FOrum, FOrward

Sale and details at: http://1-single-lett...r=1c2017#1chars

PS: Please check some sales from the last 2 years:
    Domain     Country     Sold at     international     181.720,00 USD     Greenland     85.000,00 USD     Guernsey     44.145,00 USD     Colombia     115.000,00 USD     Laos             19.900,00 USD     Iceland     14.700,00 USD